Using BioLux NV microscope in Ubuntu Linux

A human cell
I recently got a Bresser BioLux NV microscope. Of course it is quite cheap and you get what you pay for. I’m still very pleased with it because it is a fun toy, and I’m not afraid to destroy something by not treating it properly. I’m also happy that the cam works well with Linux.

The cam only has a VGA 640×480 resolution but for me that’s sufficient. It is recognized by my old Ubuntu 10.10:

$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 004: ID 18ec:3366 Arkmicro Technologies Inc

It looks like there is a very similar model with a different cam.
So far I use Cheese to look at my objects of interest (the two programs i found so far seem not to be intended for my purpose;,

To get an idea of the magnification, here are 2 mm in the lowest magnification (4x objective times cam optics):

I looked at the obligatory leg of a fly:
Leg of a fly, 4x objective
Leg of a fly, 10x objective
Leg of a fly, x40 objective
The scale of the above image is 0.2mm (taken with 40x objective). At this scale you got to decide where to focus:
Leg of a fly, 40x objective

And finally a riddle. Can you guess what’s this?
Riddle, x10 objective
Riddle, 40x objective

4 thoughts on “Using BioLux NV microscope in Ubuntu Linux

  1. Hello

    I have just bought a Bresser BioLux NV microscope, which works fine under Windows 7 on my Lenovo Z570. However, I have my laptop set up to dual boot and normally use Ubuntu 11.10

    So, I Googled “How to use Bresser BioLux NV with Linux Ubuntu” and was delighted to find your Web page. Many thanks for the tip on using “Cheese”, which works well.

    I just plugged the MikrOkular camera into a USB port, started “Cheese” and it worked immediately, which is a lot easier than having to install the Windows driver that Bresser supply on CD.

  2. Cool! It worked for me too, do you have any solution for the extreme light-sensitivity of the camera?

    (I think it’s some kind of plant cell, maybe an onion layer?)

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