How to deploy a python app with dependencies similar to npm

If you have a ruby or node.js background, you probably came to appreciate gem and npm. Python is lacking in this respect. Current tools fail "There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it.". We show how to leverage pip and virtualenv in a non-obvious way.

Usage of hg commit –date (mercurial)

Recently, I was trying to move some stuff from RCS to mercurial. There does not seem to exist a converter and since it was only a few revisions, I decided to do it by hand. The problem arose how to set the commit date manually and google yielded a nice blog post that answered my question (refering to the formidable but less searchable hgbook).

Makefiles for LaTeX

Makefiles for LaTeX

This entry was originally submitted to Debian Package of the day, but rejected because make is well known. Figure 1:The file In is used to produce InterM that is itself used to produce Out. Therefore Out depends directly on InterM and indirectly on In. I agree that most programmers and administrators know GNU make. Sadly, it is ignored by most others. GNU make solves a very common problem that everyone faces when processing more than one file with more than one programm. It keeps track which file has been changed and which files have to be regenerated.